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Be fierce with wild workouts

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Wild Programs

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Power Up

Power up and become super strong with strength training. Pull tough ropes, lift weights and build strength in both your hands and legs.

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Be Flexible

Bend and twist like a tiger with poses that increases your flexibility. A mix of stretches and yoga will keep your body young and free of stiff limbs.

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Super Body Toning

Look fierce and wild with a body that’s toned from head to toe. Get all the right muscles in all the right places while hitting tough cardio exercises for extreme health.

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Extra Benefits

Other than getting effective workouts that makes you fast, flexible and strong like Tarzan, these extra benefits come with our membership plan to make your exercise time free of stress and hassles.

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Customized for you

Get customized workouts that targets your body and health goals with specific exercises.

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24/7 Support

Hit up the customer support team with your questions. They work around the clock to help you.

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Workout with any device

Follow the exercises on your phone while traveling or at home on smart Tvs.

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Best Prices

Gyms might be expensive but we strive to make workouts available to you by being affordable

For Rookies

One Time Payment
Try out all main exercises
Check out all our gym features
Experience our different routines
Experience our different routines

For Wild Gym-ers

Monthly Payment
Unlimited exercises of all types
Track your gym time, weight loss & calories
Change up routines as you see fit
Unlimited access for 30 days
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